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Cal-Cert was founded in 1972 in order to provide calibration and service of temperature and force instruments. As the industry developed and demand increased we expanded both our coverage area and our scope of services. We began calibration of pressure and dimensional instruments as well as many specialty instruments.

Beginning in the mid 70’s we were asked to represent several lines of construction materials testing instruments for both service and sales in the Northwest. This enabled us to supply our customers with the equipment we were servicing as well as other equipment used in the industry.

In 1984 we began to design and manufacture our own line of concrete compression machines (Cal-Teck) which included a 250,000 lb, 400,000 lb and 1 million lb machine. We manufactured machines until 1994 at which time the demand for calibration and service was so high we decided to close our manufacturing operation and focus on calibration and service.

In 1999 Cal-Cert was purchased by Marshall Doyle, an employee of Cal-Cert. Marshall’s training and experience in the Air Force, experience as an operations manager and his electronics education provide a great deal of knowledge that enables Cal-Cert to maintain their position as a leader in the industry.

Today Cal-Cert provides equipment, calibration and service to customers worldwide. Our corporate headquarters and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory is located in Portland Oregon. We have service locations strategically located throughout the U.S. in order to service our customers as effectively as possible. The management of the entire business is maintained in our Portland office in order to ensure the continuation of the highest level of service possible. Our locations are continually expanding as the demand for our service increases. Please take the time to review our scope of services, our product lines and our service areas.

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