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Cal-Cert has built relationships with several manufacturers in order to meet our customers needs. We proudly represent ADMET Materials Testing Machines for our tension and compression applications. We have machines available in all ranges and capacities.

Please see the following available machines and contact us for a custom solution.

eXpert 560X Universal Materials Testing Machines are single screw digital force testers that offer a bold new approach to low force testing (up to 1,125lb/5kN) at an affordable price.

eXpert 760X Single Screw Electromechanical Materials Testing Machines feature a traditional single column design built for tough service with bench-top convenience (up to 1,125 lbf / 5KN).

eXpert 26xx Twin Screw Electromechanical Materials Testing Machines robustly designed for higher capacity testing with performance features that exceed your expectations (up to 33,375 lbf / 150 KN).

ExPress Servo-Hydraulic Materials Testing Machines are compact servo-controlled floor standing designs for static testing to 135,000 lb (600kN). The ExPress design features a bold new approach to servo-hydraulic universal materials testing at an affordable price.

DForce Dynamic Mechanical Tester is a low force mechanical testing system capable of performing static and dynamic tests to 15Hz in tension or compression.

Micro EP Universal Materials Testing Machines are palm-sized mini bench top testers that can also adapt to many microscope stages. Standard 450N and 5kN models are available with optional crosshead strokes, testing speeds, thermoelectric heaters and coolers.

The Flex Tester measures the mechanical properties of very small specimens or components which often require a microscope for viewing. It records force-deflection data to micronewton force and nanometer displacement levels.

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